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Small Animals

Pet Surgery at Cornerstone Animal Hospital

Pet Surgery at Cornerstone Animal Hospital

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Cornerstone Animal Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical suites and veterinarians with the expertise to perform a wide range of surgical procedures. We perform general surgical procedures such as spay/neuter and growth removal, as well as orthopedic and laser surgery.

Soft Tissue

General (or soft tissue) surgery is associated with the skin and tissue. Soft tissue surgery includes tumor removal, cystotomy, intestinal foreign body removal, splenectomy, C-section, spay/neuter, and more.


We perform numerous orthopedic procedures including but not limited to: Cranial Cruciate Disease, Luxating Patella, Fractures: Bone Pinning, Bone Plating, External Fixatures, Amputations, and Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO).

Laser Surgery

We are also proud to offer laser surgery as an option for our clients. Laser surgery is a progressive type of surgery that has many benefits compared to traditional surgery. With laser surgery, there is less pain and swelling, and reduces the risk of infection. It also results in a quicker recovery so your dog or cat can return to normal activity sooner.

Patient Monitoring

You can rely on us to provide quality, compassionate care for your dog or cat, every step of the way. We monitor your pet’s vital signs with advanced equipment and provide a pain management plan to maximize the level of comfort for your pet before, during, and after his or her procedure. Our trained veterinarians and staff are here to not only provide the best in surgical care, but offer support and guidance for you during the entire process.

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