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While we also offer on-site services to any of our patients at Cornerstone Animal Hospital, our haul-in services allow owners to deliver their large animals — goats, sheep, cattle, etc. — to a professional workspace. Uneven footing or unsuitable work environments can pose a serious hazard to injured animals, owners, or veterinarians who make farm calls. Our veterinarians utilizes only the best, top of the line equipment called the Silence Hydraulic Chute, which includes a scale for accurate weight and tilts to allow access to leg and hoof exams.

Some farms cannot provide proper shelter against elements like rain, wind, or infectious bacteria, all of which make health maintenance tedious and expensive. We have plenty of room for oversized vehicles or trailers, and our veterinary staff will help you transport your animal from the moment you arrive. Our corral and pen system was design with Temple Grandin’s designs and recommendation. The design elements provide a less stressed, safer, and quicker experience for both the cattle and workers.

To receive access to multiple staff members in a single visit as well as our widest range of top-of-the-line equipment and medical supplies, schedule an appointment with us and haul-in your animal at your convenience.

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